31 Dec 2019 - 2019 in Airtightness, brief overview

Just for interest: the best and worst tests of the year in 2018

Best Air Permeability test Worst Air Permeability tested

New build

Worst Air Permeability tested


1 0.374 - mid level Apt block/plaster 5.52 - upper duplex - concrete 28.03 - old house middle renovation
2 0.396 - one off timber frame/membrane 5.23 - duplex - concrete 14.42 - single storey office, concrete, 1980ish
3 0.453 - one off quinnlite/blowerproof 4.95 - commercial unit - panels 12.96 - one off block house - 2009

25/6/19 - 2019 Part F - Ventilation Rates testing

According to the latest revision of the Building Regulations, Part F, 2019, testing will be introduced very shortly for ventilation rates.

Greenbuild has acquired the recommended testing equipment in the form of a powered flow hood and is actively preparing for the new regulations. The picture below shows how some extractors may need additional measures to allow testing to be carried out, especially if the external point cannot be reached. In that case bespoke hoods may need to be fashioned...its a learning curve!

Using a bespoke 'hood' at the kitchen extractor to measure the air flow rate


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