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Greenbuild for Self Builders

If you are building a new house or extending or renovating an existing house, GreenBuild can offer assistance in a number of ways:

  • Impartial and independent information on all aspects of the build, from the structure type to rainwater harvesting. This can be delivered on the spot at meetings or in report format - whichever way it makes your decision making easier.
  • Site visits to ensure work related to energy efficiency is progressing as it should
  • Airtightness considerations
  • Airtightness testing
  • Thermal imaging test for heat loss
  • BER assessment or PHPP calculation can also be valuable - for this we would work with colleagues who specialise in these calculations, or can work with your preferred assessor.
These services are available as an all inclusive package, or each item on a standalone basis to suit your requirements.

Pricing and Initial Contact

We try to price competitively and fairly, with the main consideration being time. Thus our pricing depends on the number of services you require, the distance from our base (if visits is required to your site), and the complexity of your project.

What level of service you want or need may not be evident until we actually meet to discuss the project.

We currently charge 150 Euro for an initial consult in our local area, a little extra if travel is involved. This session usually no more than 2 hours long.

For this, you may bring any questions and ideas you have for review. Typically we cover so much ground in this initial session that you may feel your brain is fried at the end, but it is with much needed information, which will allow you to proceed in a more informed manner in your decision making.

Whether you want to know what U-values are and how they affect your build, or which type of environmentally friendly roof covering to use we can cover all this and anything in between.

Of course, we don't claim to know everything about everything, so if you have a particularly tricky requirement some follow on may be required from the initial meeting, once we have investigated the questions more fully.

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Blower Door Testing

BER Assessments

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