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Greenbuild Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal imaging is the use of a specialist infrared camera which detects infra-red radiation to find heat patterns.

GreenBuild is PCN Level 2 certified for thermal imaging surveys in buildings - typically for finding heat loss and air movement. This can be done using thermography on its own to check the insulation of a building, or even better as part of a air pressurisation test (blower door test) to find air infiltration locations and pathways.

Other building applications for thermography include locating leaks in flat roofs, moisture ingress through walls, leaks in underfloor heating, or finding the underfloor pipe-layout pattern to avoid damaging the pipes during works.

We offer several levels of service, from a simple walk around of your building, to a full and thorough inspection with detailed report.

infrared image of exfiltration from roof infrared image of insufficient insulation in one wall infrared image of plasterboard held by dabs, affecting thermal performance
Examples of thermal images from previous inspections - click on an image for a bigger picture

Where we operate: Thermal Imaging

Greenbuild is pleased to offer Thermal Imaging services throughout the South East of Ireland (Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow) and South Dublin - our zones of operation 1 and 2. If you have thermal imaging requirements outside of that area, we may know of more local operators who can offer a similar service.

Also, if you are interested in Thermographic surveying for any other purpose, such as veterinary, electrical, cold stores etc. and cannot find a suitable operator contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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