About us

Greenbuild is owner operated by Gavin Ò Sè.

Greenbuild has been operating building testing services since 2006 when Gavin saw in his own building work the need for a better way to quantify how well the houses were being built.

The air pressure testing equipment used is calibrated and operated by trained professionals. The thermal imaging equipment is also operated by trained personnel.

In terms of building information services, we have also had training and some experience in alternative construction methods as well as the more usual materials and methods.

Further information and external links

We have compiled here two sets of links.

Please note we are not responsible for the content of any external site, and the presence here of a link to a company or product should not necessarily be seen as an endorsement of that company or product.

A quick set of selected links are given below, and this is a good starting point for many things.

If you need more detail, or have a lot of time on your hands, follow this link, which is a partial bookmark dump from one of our computers. This list is a little bit raw and is not edited, and some of the links may not have been checked for some time.

Energy efficiency in Irish Buildings

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
A good starting point for all aspects. Also information on grants available

Thermal Imaging

Background on Thermal Imaging
Hard to find a good site to give an unbiased, advertisement free background on Thermal imaging. This site partially meets the requirement

Airtightness and Blower testing

A UK organisation dedicated to Airtight testing - some good, if technical, explanations

Good range of products and expertise

Ecological Building Supplies
Good range of products and expertise - and a great showroom and demonstration area in Athboy, co. Meath

Green Building

Building Life Consultancy
Consultancy offering excellent building related services that complement our capabilities.

English site. Wide ranging information on the greenness of building materials

Passive Houses
German site in English. Good introduction to Passive House concepts

Strawbale Building
Good place to start when looking for Strawbale information

Energy Efficient Builders in Ireland

Scandinavian homes
Importing and building Swedish passive and low energy houses - good track record

Sheepswool Insulation
Lovely Sheeps wool insulation, and some airtightness products too!

Other Interesting items

Corrugated Ireland
A pet project! We love corrugated iron, and are in a very slow way documenting its use in Irish non-agricultrual buildings, especially houses
Strange name for a website, but a handy Irish based place to get hold of energy saving gadgets!

Osteopathy Wexford/Osteopathy Wicklow
Our favorite Osteopath in Wexford or Wicklow


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