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Greenbuild specialises in Building Energy - particularly testing for heat and air flows through buildings. We also perform various energy related calculations and provide support for Building professionals and householders alike. Please select from the links below to obtain more information:

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Building ProfessionalsHouseholders

Blower door testing - NSAI certified to I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015 and EN 13829:2000

Air Leakage detection

Materials needed to achieve airtightness


Finding and quantifying draughts caused by infiltration

Guidance on reducing or fixing draughts caused by infiltration

Thermal Imaging

PCN Level 2 certified Building thermography

EN 13187:1998 Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes - Infrared method

Heat loss detection

Heat gain detection

Water leak detection

Roof leak detection

Thermal Imaging & Heat Loss Surveys

Insulation problems

Water leak detection

Roof leak detection

Ventilation Validator

NSAI certified Ventilation Validator

Ventilation rates testing

Part F Ventilation rates calculations

Ventilation rates testing

Ventilation rates testing

Build Assistence Energy Specification for new builds and existing dwelling upgrades - Low Energy, Natural Building, Passive Houses

offers a range of services to homeowners, designers and builders who wish to improve their existing homes or build better houses.

Many of the services we offer have various alternate names - some of the more common are these:

Type of ServiceOther names for the service
Thermal ImagingInfra red survey, Heat loss survey, Heat seeking camera
Blower doorAir pressure testing, Airtightness testing, draught searching
BERBuilding Energy Ratings, Home Energy Certificates
Build AssistanceEnergy Specification for new builds and existing dwelling upgrades - Low Energy, Natural Building, Passive Houses

Other services are available, such as a basic home EMF survey which you can find by browsing the site, or contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Where we are

is based in North Wexford.

In line with reducing our carbon footprint, whilst we welcome enquiries from any area, we especially welcome those from South Dublin and the South East of Ireland, as it means travelling times and fuel consumption are reduced.

Testing Colleagues in Galway, Sligo and Cork can offer similar services at competitive rates for other parts of the country. contact us us for more details.

Màs fearr leat do chuid gnò a dhèanamh trì Ghaeilge, bain triail as linn!


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Thermal Imaging

Blower Door Testing

Ventilation Validation

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Airtightness testing - IS EN9972:2015 Certified Member of the Irish Passive House Association

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