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The 2019 revision of the Part F (Ventilation) of the Building Regulations has mandated that ventilation systems be checked by an independent third party for flow rates after commissioning, broadly following the guidance in IS EN 14134:2019.

GreenBuild is certified by NSAI for ventilation flow rate testing in homes, and ventilation validation. Our registration number is 1.92.001.

'Hole in the Wall' or 'natural' ventilation is not currently being tested as such but rather just inspected; other, mechanical, forms of ventilation are typically being checked to ensure that the flow rates are as commissioned and that they are also within the requirements of the Part F (2019).

Note that where 'natural' ventilation is being chosen for new homes subject to the 2019 revisions of Parts F and L of the Building Regulations, the intention is that the tested airtightness can't be worse than 5 m3/hr.m2, but importantly also cannot be better than 3 m3/hr.m2.

As of early 2020 the Ventilation Validation scheme is still not fully engaged with all types of ventilation systems, such as demand control or positive input; please contact us to discuss further.

Where we operate: Ventilation Rates Testing

Greenbuild testing services can be offered as a package or on an individual basis to fully test and document the performance of your property.

Our areas of operation are mostly the Midlands, East and South East of Ireland - Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Meath, Kildare, Laois for example, but we can travel where our particular expertise is required, or we may be able to recommend colleagues closer by.


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