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Greenbuild for Home owners

Greenbuild offers several services to the homeowner

  • Concerned about the cold, no matter how much you try to heat the house? We offer testing services to find where the heat is going

    These may also be of use if you have problems with leaking flat roofs, mould or condensation

  • Thinking of renovating or extending? See our section for self builders to see how we can help.

  • BER assessments. If you are going to undertake a serious renovation and need assistence in achieving the best possible BER, or the most energy effiicent home (not always the same thing!), make sure to call us.

    A BER preliminary calculation should be doen as early as possible in the project, with options given as to how the various options you have can affect the energy use in the building. We undertaken this work, sometimes with the assistence of colleagues, depending on workload requirements.

    If you need a BER purely as a paperwork exercise, such as for a sale, lease or grant application, with no extra works being done to the property, we can recommend colleagues who can do this in a timely manner.

  • EMF survey. A growing number of people are concerned about the effects of Electromagnetic radiation in their homes. We have an interest in this area, but no formal qualifications. If you are the South East of Ireland we may be able to drop in with our simple meter, if we are passing. If you need a full and proper documented survey, we can recommend some colleagues.

Pricing and Initial Contact

We try to price competitively and fairly, with the main consideration being time. Thus our pricing depends on the number of services you require, the distance from our base (if visits is required to your site), and the complexity of your project. Some more details on pricing is available here

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Are you Cold in your home?

During the winter of 2009/2010 we went on a little road show of free public talks. Principally we focussed on some of the requirements and some of the dangers in improving your home against the cold.

One of these talks was in association with Energy Quarter and they have kindly added some of the talk in 2 excerpts to Youtube.

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