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GreenBuild and Passive Houses

We love Passive Houses.

Being involved in the project in any way - the specifications, calculations or the testing.

Greenbuild's principal Gavin ” Sť was certified as a 'Passive House consultant' for several years and can help you to get your head around the concepts and work out the details of your project.

Certified Passive House consultant arrow Member of the Irish Passive House Association

Recently, we have let this certification lapse as most of the work we have undertaken in regards to Passive Houses relates to airtightness consultations and testing, but we remain committed to the Passive House as a worthwhile standard, we remain members of the Irish Passive House Association and we would love to talk to you about any aspect of your Passive House project.

Regarding the airtightness, unfortunately, there is much confusion in the industry about the Blower Door Test for Passive Houses.

We have produced a little guide to help you understand the Passive House blower door and airtightness requirements:

Passive House Blower door testing guidelines

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IS EN ISO 9972:2015 Certified for airtightness testing

is NSAI certified for Blower Door Testing to the required standard of I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015 and the older EN 13829:2000.

We also test to the Passive House standard, ATTMA standard and TM23, on request.

Greenbuild is pleased to offer Airtightness testing and advisory services throughout Ireland - however we are particularly cost effective in the South East (Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow) and South Dublin (i.e. our travel zones 1 and 2), and west and north Dublin in certain cases.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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