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Greenbuild Testing Services

Testing is essential if you want to be sure that your house has been built or renovated to the standard you expect.

Testing is also useful for existing houses to locate areas of heat loss and to find the causes of draughts.

The testing services offered by Greenbuild allow you to measure and see energy loss in your house, and where required this will backed up by a full report following testing.

  • Thermal imaging locates heat loss areas in the fabric of the building. It is also useful for a number of other purposes, such as locating underfloor heating pipes, damp areas, leaks in flat roofs etc.
    Thermal imaging is also called Thermography, or an Infra red heat loss survey.

  • Blower door testing measures the level of draughtiness, and when used with smoke or thermal imaging, the locations of air infiltration and exfiltration can often be located.
    Blower door testing is also called Air Pressure Testing.

  • BER assessments as of 2017 we are offering BER assessments on a much more limited basis, but whatever your BER requirements, please do contact us and we can see if we can help directly, and if not we have a number of trusted colleagues who will be able to undertake the assessment.
    BER stands for Building Energy Rating

Greenbuild testing services can be offered as a package or on an individual basis to fully test and document the performance of your property.

Greenbuild Home Visit Services

If you are cold in your home, we can help!

We offer various levels of service from simple walk arounds, with little or no equipment, just an experienced eye, up to full heat loss testing and report, using all of the technological aids.

Whichever level of service or audit you might be interested in, the aim is to help you find sources of potential heat (and money) savings, and how to prioritise any works that may be needed.

You will find some more detail here.

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