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Greenbuild Building Energy Rating (BER) - limited service in 2017

Greenbuild has withdrawn from doing most types of BER assessments, but please do contact us as we can put you in touch with trusted colleagues for the BER assessment.

There are a few motives for a BER assessment, the main ones being:

  1. Because by law you need it done, in order to sell or rent out a building, new or existing
  2. Because you have to have it done to qulify for a grant in some of the grant schemes
  3. Because you are interested in how energy efficient your new home will be
  4. Because you are interested in how energy efficient your existing home is, or how it can be improved

Greenbuild has been registered as a BER assessor since the very start of the BER scheme, and we continue to provide BER services mainly for items 3) and 4) above.

However, even if you are reading this because you do require a BER for purely paperwork reasons - please do feel free to contact us and we can assist you in finding a colleague BER assessor who would be better placed to undertake the assessment.

BER for Passive house, natural buildings, Quality Multiples, Energy Upgrades/Renovations

If you have a Passive house project, natural building project (straw bales, hemp and lime, cob etc, pure timber), energy efficient upgrade or renovation or a multiples development where you want your project to be that much better than the run of the mill and where you genuinely care about the quality of the inputs in to the calculation, please contact us and we will see if we are suitably placed to assist. If we aren't we will do our best to recommend someone who is.
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